Final Report

Please find below the Final Report from the Newfoundland and Labrador Hydraulic Fracturing Review Panel. The Panel hopes that this report, including the documents in the Appendices, serves as a foundation for building a repository of accurate and balanced public information about unconventional oil and gas development in the context of Western Newfoundland.

Executive Summary


Final Report





Members of the Panel prepared supplementary reports on a number of topics within the scope of the Panel’s work. Where the Panel felt that there were knowledge gaps concerning key topics under consideration by the Panel, or where the Panel felt that independent input on a particular topic would be helpful to its work, the Panel commissioned or retained “subject-matter experts” to prepare reports containing background information and advice related to their areas of expertise. The supplementary and commissioned reports, which are included in their entirety in the following appendices to the Panel’s report, reflect the expert opinions of the authors. These documents served as important background information for the Panel’s work and for the Panel’s final report.

Appendix D – Review of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations and Wellbore Integrity Issues

Appendix E – Review of Economic and Employment Data from the Community Accounts Dataset

Appendix F – Review of Potential Effects on Human Health of Hydraulic Fracturing in Western Newfoundland

Appendix G – Review of Empirical Work on the Relationship Between Income, Health, and Wealth

Appendix H – Review of Water Resources in Western Newfoundland in a Hydraulic Fracturing Context

Appendix I – Review of Issues Related to Air Quality and Land Impacts Assessment, Waste Management, and Site Restoration

Appendix J – Review of the Potential Geological Risks from Commercial Development of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in Newfoundland

Appendix K – Review of Potential Risks of Anomalous Induced Seismicity Associated with On-shore Development of Multi-stage Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in Western Newfoundland

Appendix L – Review of Public Safety Risks of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Appendix M – Review of Approaches to and Best Practices in the Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing in Canada

Appendix N – Summary of Submissions to the Newfoundland and Labrador Hydraulic Fracturing Review Panel

Appendix O – Public Opinion Survey

Appendix P – Econometric Analysis of the Public Opinion Survey

Appendix Q – Review of the Potential Economic and Fiscal Impacts of a 480-well Development Scenario

Appendix R – Review of Potential Employment and Gross Domestic Product Impacts of a 480-well Development Scenario



The following Excel spreadsheets were used to complete the analyses of the illustrative development scenario discussed in Section 9 of the Final Report.

NLHFRP. (2016a) 480 Well Port au Port Bay Scenario Expenditure Worksheet

NLHFRP. (2016b) Truck Traffic for the 480 Well Scenario Around Port au Port Bay Worksheet

NLHFRP. (2016c) Economic Impact for Tourism in Western Newfoundland Worksheet.

NLHFRP. (2016d) GDP from 150 Million Barrels of GPS Oil Production Worksheet.

NLHFRP. (2016e) Provincial and Regional Employment Worksheet.



The following presentation was used to brief various stakeholder groups on May 30-31, 2016 at the time of releasing the Final Report.

NLHFRP Final Report Presentation May 31 2016


For further information, please contact:

Dr. Ray Gosine
Chair, Hydraulic Fracturing Review Panel
c/o Office of Associate Vice-President (Research)
Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation, IIC-3067
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John’s, NL, A1C 5S7
Telephone: (709) 864-3104