Submissions to the Panel

The Panel has completed its work and is no longer accepting submissions. To contact the Panel, please email


The Panel is seeking submissions from members of the general public and stakeholder groups on the 14 topics under consideration by the Panel and described in further detail in the Terms of Reference.  These topics include:

  • Potential Impacts on Groundwater
  • Potential Impacts on Surface Water
  • Impacts on Land
  • Waste Management
  • Management of Additives
  • Wellbore Integrity
  • Seismicity and Geological Risks
  • Regulatory Oversight and Responsibility
  • Site Restoration
  • Financial Security and Insurance
  • Air Emissions
  • Public Safety and Emergency Planning
  • Community Engagement
  • Socio-Economic Impacts

Submissions may be made by email, conventional mail or using the online form. Please include your full name, email, phone number contact and address with each submission. If necessary, the Panel may contact you to seek clarification.

Each submission, following clarification where appropriate, will be made publicly available on the Documents Considered by the Panel section of this web site with the source of the submission identified by name only (i.e. contact information will not be released).

In order to ensure that the Panel has time to review submissions prior to meetings and public consultations sessions, submissions must be received by the Panel by 12 p.m. on June 1, 2015.  While the web site will continue to accept submissions after June 1, 2015, requests after this date to meet with the Panel or to present to the Panel may not be possible to accommodate.

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